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In the Netherlands we have one major airport near Amsterdam called Schiphol Airport. From there on you can travel to Groningen by train. The railway station is located underneath the Arrival Hall. More information about Schiphol Airport can be found at their website:

Arrival at Schiphol Airport

After your arrival at Schiphol Airport (Amsterdam), you have to follow the signs that direct you to the railway station. At the counter, ask for a single-use chipcard to Groningen (about 28 euros) and ask when the next intercity-train to Groningen is leaving. The counter is open from 6.30 a.m. till 09.00 p.m.. Note that you have to buy a chipcard before you enter the train!

The single-use chipcard is a paper ticket with that contains a chip inside. If you are not planning on travelling a great deal, the single-use chipcard is the best option. This paper chipcard can be purchased from an NS ticket machine or a Tickets & Service desk and is valid for all train operators. You do not have to add any credit to this card.

Important! When you travel with a single-use chipcard you must check in and out with each train operator through the gates or posts. Otherwise you will have to pay a penalty in the train. It’s no problem to check in and out at NS gates without an OV-chipkaart.

The intercity train from Schiphol to Groningen will not always take you directly to Groningen. Make sure you switch trains at Zwolle, otherwise the train will take you to Leeuwarden! You can ask the conductors which train will take you to Groningen.

The train leaves at …:04 and …:34 every hour. Trains leaving at ..:04 will take you directly to Groningen. Trains leaving at …:34 won’t go further than Zwolle, here you will have to switch trains. When you’re in Zwolle, the train to Groningen stops at the other side of the platform!

Please check the website of the Dutch Railway for an up to date train schedule. Fill in ‘from’ Schiphol and ‘to’ Groningen. Fill in the date and time you will be arriving and click ‘Give trip and price’.
Station Groningen

Central Station Groningen