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Development of a toolkit

The main aim of the project is the development of a toolkit for Supported Education services for students with psychiatric disabilities. The toolkit will be based upon needs- and resources assessments from various countries, as well as good practices from these.

The joint development of the toolkit will be done in English. The partners will then develop versions in their respective languages, for use ‘at home’.

Establishing a European Network

Secondly, a European Network of Supported Education (ENSEd) will be initiated, starting with a first International Conference on Supported Education. The way to reach this is described further on under ‘dissemination and valorisation’.

Process of change

The toolkit is aimed at students counsellors, trainers, teachers and tutors, mental health managers and workers, and local authority officials involved in policymaking concerning people with psychiatric disabilities. It will enable field workers to improve guidance and counselling to students/young adults with psychiatric disabilities, supporting these in their educational careers.

The ultimate beneficiaries are the young adults/students with psychiatric disabilities themselves. They will be better ‘empowered’ to be successful in their educational careers (improving access and/or preventing drop out). This will also improve their chances on the labour market and participation in society at large (social inclusion).