PartnersSpecific and complementary experience

HG’s centre is a specific centre in the field of psychosocial rehabilitation in the Netherlands. Together with a partner organisation in Utrecht (Rehabilitation ’92 Foundation) the centre has launched a National Supported Education Expertise centre for people with psychiatric disabilities. Both partners have more than 10 years of experience conducting Supported Education research and innovation projects The Expertise centre also provides information about studying with psychiatric disabilities, and Supported Education presentations, workshops, courses and consultation.

Ledovec has got unique experience of introducing Supported Education as new and totally unknown service to Czech educational and social system. Starting in2006, it runs projects now several regions  in the Czech Republic, and has supported dozens of students, gaining ‘good practice’ experience.

SiB includes the Student Mental Health Service (SMHS) which employs seven specialists in clinical psychology, and one psychiatrist.  SiB is involved in The Supported Education Project (SMS) in Bergen, financed by the Norwegian National Welfare Services Directorate, and will play a central role in a nation wide project to be started. These projects are the first of its kind in Scandinavia.

The AEIPS’ Supported Education Programme provides specific support for people who experience mental illness and intend to go back to school in regular schools and universities, including, applications and support within and outside of school.

Regional and national networks

All partners have a strong (regional and national) network of agencies and institutes, relevant for the project.

HG’s centre maintains contacts with Community Colleges (offering adult education) and Mental Health Organizations in the region and nationally with regard to Supported Education programmes.

Ledovec has established effective partnerships with the two regional mental health institutes in Plzen, institutes/foundations for psychosocial rehabilitation in Prague, the University of West Bohemia, and  student counselling centres.

SiB collaborates with all higher education institutions affiliated with SiB, state-run mental health institutions, special schools and psychiatrists and psychologists in private practice.

AEIPS  works closely with educational agents (teachers, schools, universities and others).

Covering Europe

The partnership covers Europe well: North, West, East/central and South – bringing variety in experience and good practices. It also offers good opportunities for dissemination and valorisation.