Supported Education Toolkit

Based upon the description of Good Practices in each country, the partners of the ImpulSE-project has jointly develop(ed) a Toolkit for Supported Education. The aim of the Toolkit is to support professionals and their organisations who want to start a Supported Education programme in their own organisation or region.

The toolkit is based on the Choose-Get-Keep Model:

• Choose: to select an educational or training course compatible with the participant’s values, skills, aptitudes, career interests, finances and learning objectives, much like diagnosis.

• Get:  to secure enrolment in a preferred course.

• Keep:  to sustain enrolment and maintain an acceptable level of success and satisfaction until completion.

The toolkit will contain guidelines and procedures which skilled professionals are encouraged to adapt and modify to meet the unique needs of the individuals they serve. It will also contain guidelines and procedures for administrators of educational and/or mental health organisations to implement a Supported Education programme in their own organisation or region.

In concrete terms, the toolkit includes:

Table of contents
Section 1. Introduction
Section 2. Choose-Get-Keep model
Section 3. Implementation manual

The toolkit has been tested by all partners in their country in practice. Testing and developing has gone hand in hand, since the partners work with actual clients/students during the process. Student evaluations has been used for adaptations.