Tips for studying from home successfully in the time of Corona

The current situation is very unusual for everybody in The Netherlands, including students at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen. Feelings of insecurity, the lack of contact with fellow students and teachers, the lack of the usual daily structure and deadlines can lead to lethargy, aimlessness and helplessness. The situation is so unusual that students often feel lost at home (in their own living situation), do not know what to do and when to start and carry out their study tasks.

As part of a Comenius Leadership Fellow grant, the Research & Innovation Centre for Rehabilitation has been working on the Move aHead project for the last year and a half. This project focuses on developing a training for students with cognitive problems, such as problems with planning, organization, attention, concentration and task initiation. In this tailor-made training, students learn compensatory strategies for dealing with their cognitive problems in order to  continue their education. Some of these strategies may be useful to all students at the moment,  as some strategies  focus specifically on studying at home,  such as organizing your workspace, starting with your study related tasks , and learning. Students who have been trained so far are very satisfied with the strategies they have learned.

Tips for studying from home

Strategies and apps that can also be used by employees who currently work from home.

Good luck with studying from home!!
The Move aHead project team: Franca Hiddink, Jacomijn Hofstra, Jorien van der Velde en Lies Korevaar