23. Post-secondary Students with Psychiatric Disabilities in Malaysia and the Need for Supported Education


The aim of this poster presentation is to share the findings of the first research in Asia on Supported Education,  carried out in 2007 in the state of Johor in Malaysia. The results have been published in two international journal articles and a book

The primary objective is to show the need for Supported Education (SEd) among post-secondary students with a psychiatric disability.  The secondary objective is to share the demography of these students; as well as other relevant/interesting findings such as their greatest coping difficulties, strongest positive factors, average GPA etc. The research was a survey by design and the instrument was a structured, self-administered questionnaire; with established, modified and researcher-designed inventories/scales.  The sample consisted of 30 students, with purposive sampling used.  Implications and recommendations are available for researchers, mental health practitioners and educators.


Ms Goh Siao Yen is a Certified Psychiatric Rehabilitation Practitioner (CPRP) working in a psychiatric rehabilitation centre under the Singapore Anglican Community Services in Singapore.  She was a tuition school principal in Malaysia before.  The poster presentation is on her Master in Educational Psychology dissertation, while studying at the University Technology of Malaysia, Johor, Malaysia; and supervised by Associate Professor Dr. Azizi Yahaya.