22. Collaboration enabling supported education: 10 years Back to school


Back to school is an educational and practice based program offered at a community college,  supporting  people with psychiatric disabilities to explore, choose and realize a new or next educational step.  Back to school contains both individual and group support and consists of a ‘developmental’ and a ‘discovery’ part. The program is offered at a regular community college.  We strive for as little as possible (e.g. financial) limitations for students to start the program.

The  Back to school program started back in 2005 when a group of different stakeholders (supported employment organization, mental health organizations,  community college and a disability fund) wanted to realize an explorative course focused on future education, based on the need for people with psychiatric disabilities to continue their education with  a suitable and attainable study.  The course has developed into a regular education course.

The program is provided by both teachers from the community college as well as coaches from mental health organizations and a job coach.

The poster will inform you about:

-Collaboration (with respect to: Funding; Curriculum and coaching; between the various stakeholders; Sustainability)

-Results of the program

-Plans for the future


Marion Ammeraal (occupational therapist) is a delegate of the steering committee enabling to continue this program during the years.  She is a staff member of the participation team Actenz of GGZ inGeest in Amsterdam.