1. Altrecht ABC Supported Education for youth with psychiatric disabilities

Altrecht ABC, a department of a mental health care organization in the Netherlands, was founded in 2002 as one of the first specialized units for psychiatric rehabilitation & treatment of young people with a vulnerability for psychosis. ABC works in the field of Supported Education with the choose-get-keep model, as developed by the Centre for Psychiatric Rehabilitation at Boston University.
ABC provides the following services:
– Evidence based Individual Psychiatric Rehabilitation (Boston approach). All members of ABC are trained.
– Impulse course: a course for young people with psychiatric disabilities who dropped out of school.
– Study group: young people come together to meet each other and do their homework.
– Work-acquisition: ABC helps to find suitable internships through business networking.
The poster will show some results of the effect of the Boston approach on psychiatric rehabilitation, the Impulse course and work-acquisition.

Venu Nieuwenhuizen is a Master Rehabilitation Counselor and has committed himself to the support of the community participation of young people with severe mental illness. He supports youth with a psychiatric disability in the areas of education and work, and works as a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Trainer, Supervisor and Consultant in the field of mental health