21. Identification and support in higher education

Handicap + Studie is the Dutch expert centre for studying with disabilities. Handicap + Studie stimulates the participation of students with disabilities in higher education. The mission of handicap + studie is to allow students with a handicap to successfully participate in the higher education of their choice.

In 2014 Handicap + Studie started a new project for students with mental health problems. In the poster we describe the background of our project from a student’s point of view (i.e. increase in number of students with mental health problems , obstructed in their studies, higher dropout rate, etc.), from a higher education point of view (i.e. inadequate (specialized) knowledge within the institution about needed facilities, counselling, referral and insufficient knowledge and organizational cooperation between education and mental health services). Besides the background we describe the aims of the project (developing tools that help provide better support for students with mental health problems in the study process, reducing the dropout of these students in higher education  and encouraging prosecuting the study by students who have (temporarily) stopped theirs due to mental health problems, methods and results.
The sounding board of the project includes students, mental health care and higher education institutions. This project is financially supported by the Netherlands Foundation of Mental Health

Sietske Sportel is a consultant at Handicap + Studie & coordinator of professional development of professionals in higher education
Evelien Westerbeek is a consultant handicap + studie & coordinator of the student platform for students with disabilities of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

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