18. Back to school!

“Back to school” is an intervention for young people with psychiatric problems who are absent from school and who are judged to (possibly) become early school leavers. The aim is that these young people resume their education as soon as possible. It is important to recognize school refusal at an early stage. The longer a pupil/student is absent from school, the more difficult it is for him to return and the more difficult it is for parents to send their child back to school. It is therefore essential that the school refers this pupil/student as soon as possible to our service at Accare (a mental health organization for children and adults).   At the first meeting, the pupil/student, the parents, a teacher or other school representative and, if involved in the case, the School Attendance Officer are present.  During this meeting it is analyzed with all parties involved why the pupil doesn’t go to school anymore  to get a clear picture  of the problem. Furthermore, a plan is made for a return to school the following day. More details about this intervention will be given during the poster presentation.

Since 1986 Simone Boven works at Accare, organization for children  with psychiatric problems and their caregivers (parents).  From 2004 up to today she has worked  at several policlinics of Accare as a cognitive behavioral worker. Her focus is on supporting children with psychiatric problems and a mild intellectual disability (and their caregivers (parents)), and on supporting early school leavers. Simone participates in the  “Supported Education-project”, focusing on choosing, getting and keeping an education for students with psychiatric problems.