20. Supported Education training for professionals

Stichting Rehabilitatie ’92 (Rehabilitation ’92 Foundation) provides  training and education in Psychiatric Rehabilitation (PSR). The foundation introduced PSR in the Netherlands in 1992. In the last 23 years we have provided PSR training for Mental Health practitioners in more than 40 Mental Health Organisations with regards to life areas of living, working, learning and socializing.
In April 1999 the Rehabilitation ‘92 Foundation started  the Rotterdam Supported Education (SEd) Project  through a grant from the Department of Health. The project was a three year collaboration between the Rehabilitation ‘92 Foundation and ROC Zadkine, a large Community College with about 33,000 students, 1800 teachers and more then 30 locations in the Rotterdam area. One of the outcomes of the project were Supported Education training courses for professionals.
The poster describes the aims of the foundation and the overall PSR training programme. The Supported Education training courses will be described in more detail.

Jos Dröes, MD, was trained in psychiatry at Leiden University and worked as a Psychiatrist in several (longterm care) psychiatric facilities, notably in Endegeest, Bavo Noordwijkerhout and Bavo-Europoort. In 1992 he introduced Psychiatric Rehabilitation (as developed at the Center of Psychiatric Rehabilitation at Boson University) in the Netherlands. Stichting Rehabilitatie 92 was established to provide training in the ‘Individual Rehabilitation Approach’.