25. Supported Education in a clinic for ortho- and forensic youth psychiatry

You are a youngster between 15 and 21 years of age and you live in a clinic for ortho- and forensic youth psychiatry. Your Past complicates your Present and you don’t dare thinking about your Future. That is the kind of youngsters we teach in our classrooms. Hardly motivated –if at all-, fighting behavioral- and psychiatric problems, and still of school age. How to make these youngsters adopt their roles of pupils/learners? How to establish a relationship with these youngsters? What kind of attitude do you need as a teacher or as a work practice coach? How to manage the class?
The poster describes the above questions and our experiences and answers.

Anja Manse is a teacher and work practice coach at VSO de Fjord. Jan Willem Stolk is senior teacher at VSO de Fjord. VSO de Fjord is one of the schools of Yulius Onderwijs (Education) in Rotterdam and surroundings.