15. Centre for Education for young people with psychiatric disabilities


“Youth are the future,” is a well known proverb. But not so obvious for youth with mental health problems , as completing an education is often not easy for them. Although they often go to regular schools, they experience all sorts of obstacles in achieving a qualification. Successfully completing an education, requires particular skills: for example planning your homework, responding to feedback r and preparing for a test. Training in these skills enables students to become more self-dependent and to meet the requirements of the school.

Promens Care, a healthcare organization in the Netherlands, aims to support the community participation of people with intellectual and with psychiatric disabilities. . T To do so, Promens Care  developed a Centre for Education.  One of the services the Centre provides is  a package of lesson plans for study skills and homework assistance for young people with psychiatric disabilities. This package is particularly suitable for  Community College students. The  lesson plans are based on the rehabilitation approach (developed by the Boston University). The lessons are taught individually and usually at home, where the youngster lives. In addition, for many  youngsters homework assistance is necessary to complete their education. They often need  ‘external pressure’ to do their homework.
The poster describes the background, the aims and the services of the Centre for Education with special attention for the lesson plans and homework assistance for young people with psychiatric disabilities.


Lenneke Docter studied ‘Lifelong Learning’  at the University of Groningen. Her expertise lies in the area of early school leaving and supported education. She is currently working at  Promens Care, a Mental Health organization in the Netherlands as a policymaker and trainer at the ‘Centre for Education’. The centre supports students with mental health problems  completing their education.