14. Integration of Supported Education and Supported Employment


Many people with mental health problems want to work, but face barriers to find and hold paid jobs. An important barrier is a lack of adequate education. As people with mental health problems often experience first difficulties with their mental health during their studies, adequate support is needed. Supported Education can help to prevent employment problems in the future for this particular group.
Given the importance of an integrated approach of Supported Education and Supported Employment, we selected, visited and examined six European integrative programs from which can be learned: (1) ROC Zadkine (The Netherlands), (2) VIPA (The Netherlands), (3) Worcestershire Health and Care NHS Trust (UK), (4)  Mental Health NHS Trust SW London (UK), (5) Clubhouse ‘Fountain House Copenhagen’ (Denmark) and (6) Clubhouse ‘Finnish Fountain House Helsinki’ (Finland).
The results will presented on the poster.


Chantal Van Audenhove, Inge Neyens & Jeroen Knaeps,  LUCAS KU Leuven, Belgium