7. Peer 2 Peer: a powerful resource


Mutual contact between peers who are dealing with a psychiatric background, is a source of recognition, acknowledgement, support and information for many of them. Therefore, a group of such allies makes for a place where understanding and support for each other become a powerful resource. We would be glad to share with others our experiences with setting up and running these groups with the help of our poster.


Laura van Meijeren finished her study Social Work at the Hanze University of Applied Sciences in Groningen in the year 2010. After she finished her study, she fell into a depression. To learn how she could cope with her depression she followed an intensive four day program for young adults in de Mental Health Services. After she learned how to cope with her depression she decided to proceed in a different direction. She chose to follow the study Peer Support Worker in the Mental Health Services. In 2014 the Hanze University asked her if she wanted to be one of the partners in the RAAK-project. She agreed and continued her work for the RAAK- project during her study. She finished her study in June 2015 and to this day is still involved in several projects forĀ  the Hanze University.