3. Ledovec and its role in Supported Education in Czech Republic


Ledovec  o.s. is a NGO providing a complex of social services for people with mental illness, especially the psychotic scope of illnesses. We offer services such as social rehabilitation, sheltered living, day activities, counseling, art- and music therapy, supported education, supported employment, and supportive groups for clients and their closest.  Ledovec is committed to interdisciplinary cooperation with medical, educational and employment services. Ledovec also attempts to influence the ongoing national wide debate about transformation of psychiatric care in Czech Republic.

Since 2006 Ledovec provides Supported Education for high school, college and university students with mental health problems. At that time it was a pilot introduction of Supported Education Services in Czech Republic. The emphasis of the service is on:
– support for students with mental disabilities, their families and their closest,
– support for educational staff working with students with mental disabilities,
– preventive, educational and destigmatizing programmes for students and educators (cooperation with German program Verrueckt Na Und),
– founding and building of supportive net of professionals in Supported Education,
– dissemination and support of implementation of Supported Education services in other regions of Czech Republic, cooperation with other organizations with similar focus
– European dissemination and research as ImpulSE project partner


Mgr. Fojticek has 15 years of experience as founder and leader of Ledovec, an organization providing a complex of social services for people with Mental Illness in Pilsen region in Czech Republic. He also has even long experience as a high school teacher. Besides, he  provides supervision services for social services workers and gives accredited training courses.