WRAP (wellness recovery action plan) at school. Studying with nonstandard abilities and learning how to use them.

WRAP is a self-help tool with a clear structure, strongly rooted in the recovery concept, supporting people towards self-management, to regain, and keep control over life when hit by overwhelming, live-corrupting events. Education is one of the important areas in life and being a student is a valued role in the community, but studying with a so called psychiatric disability is much more than just studying. In the workshop WRAP will be introduced to the participants and in an interactive way elements of WRAP will be discussed in more detail.

Learning Objectives
Participants learn the importance of the social context and self-management related to functioning at school and outside school in daily life.
Participants of the workshop learn the importance of WRAP related to education.

Stefan ter Horst is working as a teacher at the Associate Degree (AD) programme ‘Expert by Experience in Mental Health Care” at the Hanze University Groningen.
From 2011 – 2013 he was a student himself at the AD and afterwards was asked to become one of the Expert by Experience AD lecturers.
He has been a client of the Mental Health Care system for fifteen years. During those years he had several jobs. From building site cleaner up to director of a large cinema. He also studied for engineer in dredging technology fors ome time. None of the above were very succesfull. Finishing a study was a new experience. Supported Education made the difference and helped him to succesfully complete the AD.
Working as a teacher as well as being an expert by experience, he meets a lot of people who want to study but don’t dare or don’t know how to succeed. Providing SEd can help people with mental health problems when they want to return to or to remain at school.