Back to school!

Participation Psychiatry is a model of working with young adults with psychiatric problems which covers all the various aspects of daily living (e.g. school, work, social activities, etc.). The aspect “school” is prominent and the focus is on obtaining and keeping an education. We support the young adults in their daily activities including school, in order to get them participating. Psycho- education is a very important tool, used individually or in a group.

“Back to school” is an intervention for young people who are absent from school and who are judged to (possibly) suffer from “school refusal.” The aim is to help those young people to return to school as soon as possible and to keep the momentum of treatment going and to prevent school stagnation or drop out.
Important is to recognize school refusal at an early stage. The longer a student is absent from school, the more difficult it is to return and the more difficult it is for parents to send their child to school. It is therefore essential to flag up referrals where absence from school is the major complaint. The young person, his/her parents, the teacher or other school representative and, if involved in the case, the School Attendance Officer, work together.
In the workshop we introduce the Back to school programme and in an interactive way we discuss with the participants

Learning Objectives
Workshop participants have a basic knowledge of participation psychiatry
Workshop participants recognize the danger signals for school refusal.
Workshop participants value the need for speedy action
Workshop participants understand the importance the involvement of all relevant parties in the assessment and treatment planning

Pascale van Damme started her career at the Hogeschool Zeeland, University of applied sciences, where she became a bachelor nurse (1981 till 1985). After graduating, she worked at a department of the UMCG for pediatric oncology for several years, before specializing as a psychiatric nurse practitioner in 1993. Pascale started working for Accare,  organization for children and adolescents with psychiatric problems, in 1997, where she gradually focused more and more on treating adolescents and young adults with autism. She helps them on their way to adulthood and independency, concentrating on all the varies aspects of their lives (e.g. school, work, social activities, etc.). Pascale participates in the project “Supported Education”, focused on select, obtain and maintain education for students with psychological problems.
Simone Boven studied Youth Welfare Work at the Hannie Schaft Academie in Haren, from 1980-1984. From 1986 up to today she works at Accare. From 2004 up to today she worked at several policlinics of Accare as a cognitive behavioral worker. Her focus is guidance of children and adults with as well psychiatric problems as a mild mental retardation and guidance for school leavers. Simone participates in the project “Supported Education”, focused on select, obtain and maintain education for students with psychological problems.