Implementation of Supported Education: easier said than done!?

Based on the need for regular education, in 1999 the first Supported Education program for young people with psychiatric disabilities started in the Netherlandsin Rotterdam. Since the start of this program, several supportive services have been developed; a peer support group for students with psychiatric disabilities, a website with information about going (back) to college, brochures about disclosure and dealing with stress at school, etc. However, despite the growing interest in Supported Education for people with psychiatric disabilities, it is not easy to really initiate and implement a Supported Education program. Implementation of Supported Education requires efforts of all stakeholders involved, especially from Educational and Mental Health organizations. In the workshop session we describe the background of Supported Education in the Netherlands. Also an overview of the developed SEd programs and services will be presented. Based on a Good Practice study done in four European countries, the bottlenecks and barriers of the implementation process are discussed in more detail. In an interactive way with the participants the essential elements and conditions for the development and implementation of a Supported Education program will be listed.

Learning Objectives
The participants will have increased knowledge of

  • the SEd history in the Netherlands
  • several SEd services developed in the Netherlands
  • the bottlenecks and barriers of the SEd implementation process
  • the essentials ingredients of a SEd program

Lies Korevaar studied psychology at the University of Amsterdam and worked as clinical psychologist for almost 25 years in the field of Mental Health. Since 2003 he is professor of Rehabilitation at the Hanze University Groningen, the Netherlands.  Since 1998 he is involved in Supported Education and he is the principal investigator of the Supported Education projects in question. In March 2015 he published the Handbook Supported Education (in Dutch).