The Story of Hans and Liv. The private sensibilities and pre-judgements of the SEd counselor

In this workshop we focus on the attitude of the SEd counselor. A very short two paragraph story inhabited by 5 characters is handed out to SEd counselors for reading and assessment. The task is to assign a value to each character, from 1 – 5, with “1” signifying “most sympathetic” and “5” signifying “least sympathetic.” The story is provocative and automatically enlists each individual’s personal preferences. Upon completion of the exercise, we call upon each SEd counselor to list his/her assessment of the characters on a chalkboard or flip over in a figure/table centrally placed in the room at hand.
Stage two of the exercise is thus to discuss these rankings and hence expose our own “preferences,” inner workings (in the language of psychotherapy, our “transferences or counter transferences”) as we attempt to treat each individual with the needed respect and reverence.

Learning Objectives
1. To assist the SEd counselor in his/her own insight into private sensibilities and to become more acquainted with his/her own “pre” judgments.

Evan Toft: Social Sciences teacher, Clinical Psychologist, SEd Project leader since 2006
Mette Kolbjørnsen: Masters of Health Promotion, Nurse, Family Therapist, SEd project leader since 2006