The Impulse Decision Making & Support Course: supporting youth with psychiatric disabilities in choosing and getting an educational course of their own preference

ABC, a specialized department for young people with schizophrenia, is a part of Altrecht, a large institution for mental health care in the Netherlands. The mission statement of Altrecht specifically states that one of their goals is to aid people with psychiatric problems participate in society. ABC was founded in 2002, as one of the first specialized units in the country for young people with schizophrenia. ABC works in the field of Supported Education with the choose-get-keep model, as developed by the Centre for Psychiatric Rehabilitation at Boston University. The choosing en getting phase is worked out in an introduction course meant for young people with psychiatric disabilities who dropped out of school. The purpose of this workshop is to explain the intent and implementation of this course. A component of the course will be illustrated by means of an exercise.

Venu Nieuwenhuizen has over the past 10 years committed himself to empower people with severe mental illness and increase their participation in society. He supports youth with a psychiatric disability in the areas of study and work, and works as a PSR-trainer, supervisor and consultant with mental health practitioners and managers at various healthcare institutions.