Skill lesson plans for youth with mental health problems

“The youth are the future,”is a well-knownproverb, butnot so obvious for young people withmental health problems. For them completing a training course is not so easy.Although theyoften attend regular school, they experience all kinds of obstaclesin achievingaqualification.To successfullycomplete an education, often specificskills are required: for example planning your homework, responding to feedback from the teacherand preparing fora test.
Promens Care, a Health Care organization in the Netherlands, aims to support young people with their education. To do so, Promens Care developed, as part of a program Supported Education, a package of study skills classes and homework assistance. This program is particularly suitable for Community College students.

During an interactive workshop the participants will be introduced to the program and with the help of a case description, participants  will list the needed specific skills for a student/client  to remain at school.

  • Introduction
  • Experiences of the participants with students with mental health problems
  • Presentation Promens Care Supported Education program
  • Client experience
  • Case description
  • Practicing a skill lesson

 Learning Objectives
The participants will have increased knowledge of skills lesson plans for youth with mental health problems .

Lenneke Docter and Annemiek Dijkhuizen are working at Promens Care, a Health Care organization in the Netherlands. As a trainer at the ‘Centre for Education’ they support clients with mental health disabilities to reurn and/or to remain at school.