The impact of Supported Education in Community Integration: Participant’s personal stories

This workshop will present a supported education program run by AEIPS, a community based mental health organization, in Lisboa, Portugal. It will provide an overview of program guiding principles and will briefly describe the supports provided to students with psychiatric disabilities to achieve their secondary and post-secondary studies, in regular colleges and universities. It will also report the students’ perspectives on the benefits and challenges brought by education to their lives, as well as the strategies and educational supports they found most helpful in their graduation paths. Videos with student’s personal stories will be presented, following a debate with participants.

Learning Objectives
To have an overview of supported education principles and supports
To recognize the challenges students may face in their educational path
To understand the benefits of education through students’ perspective

Luis Sá Fernandes studied Psychology in ISPA – Instituto Universitário. He’s been working in AEIPS since 2011 in the Supported Education Program. Currently he is representing AEIPS in the ImpulSE European Project.