To tell or not to tell. Disclosing your  mental health problems at school and at internships

Students often face the dilemma whether to disclose their mental health problems in the past and/or present. Students ask themselves: do I benefit from disclosing my disability?, who do I tell and why?, what, if people find out?, what do they think of me?.  In this workshop we discuss this dilemma related to situations at school and at internships. The information presented in this workshop is intended to help professionals to assist students/clients with psychiatric disabilities by offering a resource about the issues of disclosure and psychiatric disability. The information will also help people with psychiatric disabilities to make informed decisions about whether or not to disclose. A cost-benefit analysis exercise to review the advantages and disadvantages of each option available for disclosure, is part of the workshop.

Learning Objectives
The participants will have increased knowledge how to help people to disclose or not to disclose their psychiatric disability

Annemarie Zijlstra.
Profession: Rehabilitation specialist, at Promens Care, organization for people with psychiatric and intellectual disabilities. Innovator and developer of the Centre for Education, including a supported education practice. SEd at Promens Care focuses on the development of study skills and – support. Education: master Rehabilitation Counselor.