Special Support for Special Students

At the Hanze University of Applied Science (HUAS) about 10% of the students has disabilities and half of them has psychiatric disabilities. To meet the needs of those students, three years ago, the HUAS appointed at each of the 19 schools at least one (depending on the size of the school) study coach/advisor trained in Supported Education. They have to provide specific support to students with a (psychiatric) disabilities and/or support /advice educational staff who are involved in students with disabilities. All the students at the HUAS have a study /advisor, but ‘special’ students need ‘special’ support. In this workshop two trained staff members from very different schools (Social Studies and Engineering) like to discuss the provided support to help students with (psychiatric) disabilities to succeed their education. In interaction with the participants  experiences and dilemmas with students with psychiatric disabilities are discussed in more detail.

 Learning Objectives
The participants will have increased knowledge of the SEd implementation process in a large educational setting.
The participants will have shared their knowledge of a Supported Education activities and problems/dilemmas.

Miriam Bergstra studied Dutch Language en Literature at the University of Groningen, The Netherlands. Her Master thesis was in the field of Specific Language Impairment. She also has a Master in Education and she teaches Dutch Language and Communication Skills on the Institute of Engineering at the Hanze University of Applied Science for 15 years. She is a student counsellor for 12 years and trained in the Supported Education method for 3 years now. In her school, especially in the Electrical Engineering, there are a lot of students with ASS, ADHD and dyslexia. She is the (supported education) study counsellor of 55 students at this moment.
Jolanda Kroes studied Master Rehabilitation Counselor at Hanze University Groningen, the Netherlands. Her Master thesis was in the field of guidance for students with (psychiatric) disabilities. Since eight years part of her task is working  for the Research and Innovation Centre for Rehabilitation of the Hanze University. Since three years she is a student counselor. In her school she advises students, teachers, committees and management . Social Studies knows a large group of students with (psychiatric) disabilities. Therefore three student counselors are available.