Dealing with problematic behavior in students with a psychiatric condition

In this workshop tips are provided for working with students who have a psychiatric condition. Behavioral manifestations of psychiatric conditions can be viewed as problems in the communication, as functional disabilities or as symptoms of illness. Each category is linked to specific interventions.  After a short presentation this frame of reference is practiced in an exercise using short case descriptions by the participants. Attention will be paid to the way in which to start the conversation with the student. The workshop is based on the training ‘Working with persons with psychiatric disabilities’ that has been developed by Stichting Rehabilitatie ’92 and the recovery unit of Lister (formerly SBWU) in Utrecht.

Learning Objectives
Participants learn to use the frame of reference (Specific interventions in communicationproblems, functional disabilities and illness) in educational practice.

Jos Dröes MD was trained in psychiatry at Leiden University and worked as a Psychiatrist in several (longterm care) psychiatric facilities, notably in Endegeest, Bavo Noordwijkerhout and Bavo-Europoort. In 1992 he introduced Psychiatric Rehabilitation (as developed at the Center of Psychiatric Rehabilitation at Boson University) in the Netherlands. Stichting Rehabilitatie 92 was established to provide training in the ‘Individual Rehabilitation Approach’.
The training ‘Working with persons with psychiatric disabilities’ was developed for Lister, a sheltered housing facility in Utrecht. In this training housing staff is encouraged to use psychopathology in a way that supports  recovery.