Choosy Course. How to help high school students with autism to choose the right further education?


The great number of education-possibilities poses tough dilemma’s for students who want to choose a (for?) further education after high school. In particular for students with autism. For them it is challenging to distinguish between major and minor issues and to make connections between cognitive and emotional aspect of a future study. During 2011-2014 we developed a training program for students in high school and college. Teaching materials are (1) written documentation about the sequence of choice processes, (2) teacher guide book, (3) applied training materials for teachers, (4) PowerPoint presentations. The course content is based on a psychiatric rehabilitation approach: to choose, get and keep. We developed detailed assignments for both teachers and students in order to let them make to do lists, to let them discover individuals skills and preferences and to identify bottle necks.

Learning Objectives
To confer knowledge and experiences about a supported education training program for students with autism, for their teachers with the objective to facilitate the choice for a proper school.