Day 2: Workshops

Overview workshops day 2

For more information about the workshop and the presenter(s) click at the title of the workshop. Click at Day 2 Workshops  for a pdf file with a description of all workshops of day 2.

ROUND 1 (13.00 – 14.15 hours)

1. Integration of Supported Education and Supported Employment
Chantal van Audenhove, Belgium

3. Skills and Supports: The keys to academic success
Marianne Farkas, USA

5. Results & Implications from Two Randomized Controlled Trials: Supporting College Students with Psychiatric Conditions
Michelle Mullen, USA

7. The story of Hans and Liv. The private sensibilities and pre-judgements of the Supported Education counselor
Mette Kolbjornsen & Evan Toft , Norway

9. Supported Education Support Network
Klára Bratršovská & Martin Fojtíček, Czech Republic

13. Supported Education and Supported Employment for people with an At Risk
Mental State for psychosis; experiences in a rural area in the Netherlands
Roeline Nieboer, Nynke Boonstra, Margriet Oosterkamp, Mirjam Koree, Boudien van der
Pol, Aaltsje Malda, the Netherlands

ROUND 2 (14.45 – 16.00 hours)

2. Wellness and Recovery Action Plan (WRAP) for students
Stefan ter Horst & Sonja Teuben, the Netherlands

4. Implementation of Supported Education: easier said than done!?
Lies Korevaar, the Netherlands

6. To tell or not to tell. Disclosure at school
Annemarie Zijlstra, the Netherlands

8. Choosy Course. How to help high school students with autism to choose the right further education?
Franca Hiddink, the Netherlands

10. The impact of Supported Education in Community Integration: Participant’s personal stories
Luis Sá Fernandes, Portugal

11. Experts by experience: the power of peer support in education
Laura van Meijeren, the Netherlands

12. Back to school!
Pascalle van Damme & Simone Boven, the Netherlands