Day 1: Workshops

Overview workshops day 1

For more information about the workshop and the presenter(s) click at the title of the workshop. Click at Day 1 Workshops  for a pdf file with a description of all workshops of day 1.

ROUND 1 (13.30 – 14.45 hours)

1. Creating a Supported Education Program – From Vision to Implementation
Karen Unger, USA

3. Fostering Community Integration: The role of supported education
José Ornelas, Portugal

5. Card sorting of personal values
Evan Toft & Mette Kolbjornsen, Norway

6. The ImpulSE course: helping youth with psychiatric disabilities getting back to school
Venu Nieuwenhuizen, the Netherlands

7. How Can I Recognize that a student has mental health problems? – MH Awareness Seminar for Educational Staff
Martin Fojtíček & Klára Bratršovská, Czech Republic

8. Skill lesson plans for youth with mental health problems
Lenneke Docter, the Netherlands

11. Integrating supported postsecondary education with supported employment for people with mental illness
Abraham Rudnick, Canada

13. Supported education in Youth Care: Chances and challenges
Lonneke Richardson & Dietrich van der Scheer , the Netherlands

ROUND 2 (15.15 – 16.30 hours)

2. What hinders and what helps?
Jacomijn Hofstra, the Netherlands

4. Supported Education as a bridge: the need for collaboration between psychiatry and education
Jelco Caro, the Netherlands

8. Skill lesson plans for youth with mental health problems
Lenneke Docter, the Netherlands

9. Advocacy and Contextual Intervention in Supported Education
Lucia Oliviera, Portugal

10. Special support for special students
Jolanda Kroes & Miriam Bergstra, the Netherlands

12. Dealing with problematic behavior in students with a psychiatric condition
Jos Dröes, the Netherlands

14. ‘Studying with mental health problems’. The development of a guide for student counselors in higher education
Evelien Westerbeek van Eerten, the Netherlands