ENSEd members

On this page all ENSEd members are listed.

Czech Republic

Martin Fojtíček
Email:             ledce@volny.cz
Organisation: Ledovec, o.s.
Website:          www.ledovec.cz
Expertise:       Partner of ImpulSE project

Pavla Hrabackova
Email:             hrabacko@rek.zcu.cz
Organisation:  University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, Centre of Consulting and Support Services
Website:          http://www.zcu.cz/en
Expertise:       The Centre of Consulting and Support Services with the UWB’s Information and Counselling Centre (CPPS) provides personal, social, legal and educational counselling for prospective students as well as enrolled students with special educational needs.

Petr Kumhera
Email:             zaclenovani.vedouci@greendoors.cz
Organisation: Green Doors z.ú.
Website:          http://www.greendoors.cz/
Expertise:       Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Vocational Rehabilitation, Supported Employment

Jan Jaroš
Email:             jan.f.jaros@seznam.cz
Organisation: Občanské sdružení KOLUMBUS
Website:          http://www.os-kolumbus.org
Expertise:       Selfhelp organisation

Name:Šárka Mattová
Email: sarka.mattova@osbaobab.cz 
Organisation:  Baobab, Prague
Expertise:Social rehabilitation

Jiří Podlipný
Email:             PODLIPNY@fnplzen.cz
Organisation: Psychiatrist and psychotherapist
Expertise:       Member of ImpulSE advisory board

Jiří Šupa
Email:             info@prah-brno.cz
Organisation: Sdružení Práh
Website:          www.prah-brno.cz
Expertise:       Supported education for youngsters over 15. Individual, group and peer support. Psychosocial rehabilitation and case management
Destigmatization workshops for pupils and teachers


Stefan Träskelin
Email:             stefan.traskelin@uvps.fi
Organisation: UUdenmaan vammaispalvelustäätiö
Website:          www.uvps.fi
Expertise:       I work as a director for Uudenmaan vammaispalvelusäätiö, I am in charge of employment and rehabilitation services. We work with supported employment and thats why we got interested in supported education


Name:             Mone Jendreyko
Email:             Leya21@web.de
Organisation: Ledovec, o.s.


Ron Shor
Email: ron.shor@mail.huji.ac.il
Organisation: The Hebrew University of Jerusalem
City: Jerusalem
Country: Israel
Motivation: Psychiatric Rehabiliation
Expertise: Psychiatric Rehabiliation


Autisme Steunpunt Zuidoost-Brabant
Organisatie: SSOE
Adres: Toledolaan 3
Plaats: 5629 CC  Eindhoven
Website: http://www.autismesteunpunt.nl/

Miriam Bergstra
Email: m.h.bergstra@pl.hanze.nl
Organisation: Hanze University of Applied Science
Adress: Zernikeplein 11
City: Groningen
Country: The Netherlands
Website:  www.hanze.nl
Motivation: Supported Education
Electrical Engineering students
Expertise: Supported Education
Electrical Engineering students

Jacomijn Hofstra
Email: j.hofstra@pl.hanze.nl
Organisation: Hanze university of Applied Sciences
City: Groningen
Country: the Netherlands
Website:  www.hanze.nl
Motivation: Senior researcher on Supported Education
Expertise: Senior researcher on Supported Education

Lies Korevaar
Email: e.l.korevaar@pl.hanze.nl
Organisation: Hanze University Groningen
Website: www.begeleidleren.nl
Expertise: Project coordinator Supported Education projects

Armando Mulder
Email:             armando_mulder26@hotmail.com
Organisation: Student psychology
Expertise:       Experienced study problems because of a disability. Now doing well.

Anita Timmer
Email:             info@studio-colore.nl
Organisation: Studio-Colore
Website:          www.studio-colore.nl
Expertise:       Working experience with young adults who have problems of psychiatric kind which causes study problems. Helping them to empower and learning skills to to it in a better way.

Ditty Verveda
Email:             verveda@home.nl
Expertise:       Teacher, I am working as a teacher at teachers college and I am very interested in this subject.

Evelien Westerbeek
Email: evelien.westerbeek@handicap-studie.nl
Organisation: handicap + studie
City: ‘s Hertogenbosch
Country: The Netherlands
Website:  www.handicap-studie.nl
Motivation: trainer, consultant
Expertise: trainer, consultant


Vigdis Johansen
Email:             vigdis.johansen@samskipnaden.no
Organisation: Student councelling centre

Mette Paasche Kolbjørnsen
Email: mette.kolbjornsen@sib.no
Organisation: studentsamskipnaden i Bergen
City: Bergen
Country: Norway
Website:  sib.no
Motivation: SeD counsellor
Expertise: SeD counsellor

Gisle Marhaug
Email:             gisle.marhaug@hist.no
Organisation: Sør-Trøndelag University College

Audun Pedersen
Email:             Audun.Pedersen@bergen.kommune.no
Organisation: City of Bergen
Website:          www.bergen.kommune.no

Anja Roaas
Email: amr@avigo.no
Organisation: University of Agder
Adress: Jon Lilletunsvei 9
City: Grimstad
Country: Norway
Website:  www.uia.no
Motivation: SED counselor
Expertise: SED counselor

André Røsberg
Email:             andre.rosberg@samskipnaden.no
Organisation: SED/SMS Studentrådgivinga i Tromsø
Website:          www.samskipnaden.no

Evan Toft
Email: evan.toft@sib.no
Organisation: studentsamskipnaden i bergen
City: bergen
Country: norway
Website:  www.sib.no
Motivation: 10 years of SEd leadership in Norway
Social Studies teacher, Clinical Psychologist
Expertise: 10 years of SEd leadership in Norway
Social Studies teacher, Clinical Psychologist

Jean-Philippe Vevaud
Email:             jeanpv61@gmail.com
Organisation: Studier med Støtte Rogaland
Expertise:       Master in Special needs education, Project development (Supported Education), University of Stavanger. . Child and youth care services, Teaching


Organisation: Syriusz Foundation
Email:             biuro@fundacjasyriusz.pl
Website:         www.fundacjasyriusz.pl


Lúcia Oliveira
Email:             lucia.oliveira@aeips.pt
Organisation:  AEIPS
Website:          www.aeips.pt
Motivation:      Working in AEIPS’s Supported Education Program for people with mental illnesses since 2008.
Expertise:       Working in AEIPS’s Supported Education Program for people with mental illnesses since 2008.

Maria Oliveira
Email:             editeoliveira@novasbe.pt
Organisation: Nova SBE
City:                Santa Iria da Azóia
Country:          Portugal

Luis Sá-Fernandes
Email:             luis.sa.fernandes@aeips.pt
Organisation: AEIPS
Website:          www.aeips.pt
Motivation:      Supporter Educator for 4 years
Expertise:       Master in Community Psychology


Siao Yen Goh
Email:             gohsiaoyen@yahoo.com
Organisation: Singapore Anglican Community Services
Website:          www.sacsscc.org.sg
Expertise:       Master in Educational Psychology research (dissertation) on Supported
Education” – published in two journal articles: Journal of Social Sciences & Procedia Social and Behavioral Sciences.  The dissertation was published in a book by Lambert Academic Publishing. Developing and implementing a Supported Education program.


Eva Bengtsson
Email:             eva.bengtsson@sodertalje.se
Organisation: Enheten för Arbetsrehabilitering

Leonard Kihlgren
Email:             leonard.kihlgren@tyreso.se
Organisation: Tyresö kommun (municipality-eng)
Website:          http://www.unginynastyreso.se
Expertise:       Supported Employment, CBT-therapist

Andreas Mattson
Email:             andreas@cedergruppen.se
Organisation: Cedergruppen
Website:          www.cedergruppen.se
Expertise:       Study strategy coach, Education with asperger/autism expertise

David Rosenberg
Email:               David.rosenberg@umu.se
Organisation: Umeå University
Website:          www.socw.umu.se

Ove Valodius
Email: ove@relationsboken.se
Organisation: Misa/Relationsinstitutet
Adress: Tuvvägen 23,2tr
City: 136 39 Handen
Country: Sweden
Website:  www.relationsboken.se


Justin Barron
Email: jbarron@communityaccess.org
Organisation: Blueprint Supported Education
City: New York, New York
Country: United States
Website:  www.blueprintsed.org
Motivation: Director of Blueprint Supported Education.  7 years of experience working in public mental health services including leadership roles in an array of recovery oriented and alternative-to-hospitalization crisis supports.

Nora Barrett
Email:             nora.barrett@rutgers.edu
Organisation: Rutgers University, Department of Psychiatric Rehabilitation
Website:          www.rutgers.edu
Expertise:       Psychiatric Rehabilitation Education

Karen Unger
Email: kvungeror@comcast.net
Organisation: Rehabilitation Through Education
City: Portland, Oregon 97202
Country: US
Website:  supportededucation.com
Motivation: Supported education: research, program development, speaker.
Expertise: Supported education: research, program development, speaker.